Meera Deean   LEED AP 

Meera Deean is an urban designer and project manager at Utile. She is currently managing the Downtown Waterfront Planning Initiative, which will result in a public realm and watersheet activation plan, a municipal harbor plan, and new zoning for parts of downtown Boston. She is also leading a visioning study for the Broadway Corridor in Long Beach, California, and a planning study for Downtown Lawrence, Mass. Previously, she managed the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s City Hall Plaza Master Plan and the EPA’s Greening America’s Capitals project. In addition, she worked on the graphic design of the Boston Transportation Department’s new Complete Streets Manual.

Meera studied art history at Williams College, and received a M.Arch. from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Prior to joining Utile, she worked with Vincent James Associate Architects, Hashim Sarkis ALUD, and Kao Design Group. She also spent two years as an architecture and design editor for Rizzoli International Publications. Meera serves on the board of the Community Design Resource Center of Boston and as co-chair of the Urban Design Committee of the Boston Society of Architects. She lives in Cambridge and is a firm believer in the Oxford comma.

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Meera Deean