Sowwah Island

Utile, in collaboration with over,under, is developing a culturally and climatically-responsive contemporary Arab urbanism for the on-going build-out of Sowwah Island, Abu Dhabi’s new central business district, for Mubadala Real Estate & Hospitality. This design agenda is guiding the development of performance-based real estate, urban, architectural, and landscape logics to ensure the quality and cohesiveness of the public and private realms. The team’s primary efforts to date have included:

Urban Design Refinement (with master planner BroadwayMalyan): With the first phase of the island underway, much of the infrastructure in place, and individual plot-sales and development on-going, the team is dismantling an urbanism developed during the UAE’s mega-development boom of the last decade in favor of a regionally responsive and contemporary place-making agenda.

Design Controls: The design controls translate these general concepts into a comprehensive vision by codifying and communicating key standards and requirements. Performance-based guidelines, particular to the local climate and region, generate design responses of unique character. This character is confirmed by the “proof-of-concept” illustrative designs generated for each plot.

Visioning and Graphic Communication: Communication of this design agenda is critical to altering current practices. All illustrative designs and project imaging adheres to the design regulations and standards. In addition to the design controls, the team is overseeing the communication of the island’s vision, including renderings, animations, and associated marketing publications.

Sowwah Aerial
Sowwah Aerial
Sowwah Plan
Sowwah Street