Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day with art forms new and old

Today on International Women’s Day we are so excited to celebrate Women’s History Month by sharing our reimagined logo from artist Jessica Roach! Jessica’s beautiful linotype is a first for us and we’re grateful to her for to joining us for an artist talk this week where she presented us with the physical piece and shared her process, art, and community building work with Women Artists in Action!

Statement from the Artist:

Why have women not historically received the same recognition as their male counterparts in design and the arts? Disparities in opportunities, ownership, the allocation of space, the perceived value of their contributions, and the level of respect given to their work.

In this linoprint, I am paying homage to the work of five architects and designers. Dispersed amongst their projects are various quilting patterns. Deemed a ‘feminine’ medium, the fabric arts have been unjustly undervalued in the art community.

Spotlighting these architects, designers, and this artform is my small way of ensuring their recognition.

– Jessica Roach, March 2024