City of Boston releases draft of Imagine Boston 2030 Strategic Plan

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh writes in his introduction to the Imagine Boston 2030 Draft Strategic Plan, “You hold in your hands a vision for Boston in the year 2030. The vision was shaped by over 12,000 Boston voices, when residents came together to decide the type of city we want to live in.” HR&A and Utile are serving as lead consultants for the City of Boston’s first citywide plan in more than 50 years to develop a cohesive vision addressing growth, social justice, and climate change. The draft strategic plan identifies a spatial framework for guiding Boston’s growth, which was shaped by extensive public input gathered through both traditional and innovative public engagement approaches over the past year.

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes about the real estate development implications of the Imagine Boston 2030 plan in “Walsh plan targets corners of Boston for development”, including the need for new construction to stretch farther into less centralized and underdeveloped locations of the City.