Joshua Simoneau enters Northern Avenue Bridge ideas competition

The City of Boston and the Boston Society of Architects have announced the winners of its Northern Avenue Bridge Ideas Competition. While not among the selected entries, Utile architect and urban planner Joshua Simoneau and Northeastern University Adjunct Professor Michael Grogan’s proposal “Channel Some Fun!” gives space to the imagination and considers how play might disrupt and juxtapose layers of public life in order to facilitate social interaction.

When asked about his design inspiration, Josh says, “There seems to be a remarkable similarity among many of the public spaces designed today, from the materials used to the programmatic arrangements, often resulting in corporate landscapes that are nothing more than normalized spaces for consumption. This vision for the Northern Avenue Bridge, however, is a refreshing reminder that public spaces can be different, better, and most of all, fun! While the concept of play may seem like frivolous response, it can be a great equalizer when it comes to the public realm; addressing concepts of civic pride and social justice, not to mention beauty and happiness. Most of all, Channel Some Fun! creates a stage for public life where people not only feel like they are part of the city, but that the city is part of them.”

Utile is proud of the thoughtful concept and engaging design submitted by Josh and Michael for this competition, and we hope to see their ideas incorporated into future planning for the Northern Avenue Bridge.