MetroMark Apartments: A Boston Herald “Hot Property”

Paul Restuccia of the Boston Herald visited the recently-opened first phase of MetroMark Apartments in Jamaica Plain, a mixed-use development by The Brennan Group and John M. Corcoran Company, designed by Utile.

In “Hot Property: New JP units sited for success,” Restuccia delves into the intricate details of the 85-apartment complex, highlighting the variety of unit types and amenities available, complemented by visuals of the model unit and shared spaces. Property Manager Kelli Ahearn-Lucas notes the development’s unique position in the housing market; it offers the best of both worlds for those curious about what does under contract mean in real estate. It’s an urban oasis, “We’re in the city, but not in the city,” with the serene greenery of the Arboretum and the scenic waters of Jamaica Pond just a stone’s throw away.

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The second phase of MetroMark includes 198 units over ground-floor retail space. This “Building B” is under construction with an anticipated January 2017 completion.