The City of Providence unveils proposed redesign of the 6-10 Highway Connector

Working with the City of Providence, Utile and Nelson\Nygaard are helping to reimagine the deteriorating urban interchange and highway known as the 6-10 Connector, which runs between the Olneyville neighborhood and downtown Providence. The City/Utile team has proposed an elevated rotary, dubbed the “halo”, and other strategies to slim the highway’s footprint and rationalize connections to and from surrounding neighborhoods. The new design’s aim is to increase the amount of developable land, reconnect isolated neighborhoods, untangle traffic snarls, and improve connections for walking, biking, and transit.

Last week’s well-attended Providence Department of Planning and Development community forum informed residents, local business owners, and other stakeholders about the project team’s new design. Reporter Patrick Anderson covers the event in his piece, “Providence floats slimmed-down plan for 6-10 connector” for The Providence Journal.