Taking action in Upham’s Corner

Utile has been working closely with Noah Hicks (back row, left), Historic Boston, Inc., and The American City Coalition to realize the revitalization of a long abandoned historic structure in Upham’s Corner.

Noah is the founder of the Bowdoin Bike School, a local community cycling organization. A lifelong Bostonian and Bowdoin-Geneva resident, Noah grew his early hobby of tinkering with bikes into a career as a bicycle mechanic and advocate for bicycle safety and equity. While the Bowdoin Bike School provides low­-cost repair services and free instruction, Noah’s new project, Sip & Spoke Bike Kitchen, will be a mission-driven retail business, integrating a full service bike shop and cafe with a strong focus on local, community-based goods and services.

Sip & Spoke will bring additional services that encourage youth development, economic self-sufficiency, transit justice, and health equity to a permanent space on Columbia Road, a key transportation artery that is increasingly used by local and regional cyclists.  The historic structure at 611 Columbia Road  was built in 1912 for the streetcar system that once connected Boston’s neighborhoods. Its rehabilitation will be a huge asset to the community and provide a dynamic connection between the neighborhood’s past and its future. This project has strong and broad support from the Mayor of Boston and city agencies to neighborhood residents and the local and national biking community.

With construction financing in place through Historic Boston Incorporated, Noah is currently raising buildout, equipment, and start‐up costs for Sip & Spoke. From the beginning, this venture has benefited from a strong community. We encourage all to support Noah in reaching his fundraising goals.