Utile Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Logo Art from Yuko Okabe

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI)  Heritage Month! As part of our ongoing JEDI initiative, we continue to engage with talented local artists to reimagine Utile’s logo for commemorative observance months throughout the year. We’re excited to present this month’s creation by Yuko Okabe. Thank you, Yuko, for your beautiful work!

Artist Statement from Yuko Okabe

My piece calls for safe, art-filled spaces for AAPI Bostonians. As this piece references moments I’ve seen from working with Boston Chinatown and Pao Arts Center, I also wanted to celebrate all the amazing, diverse AAPI creatives and cultural organizers who work tirelessly to create an inclusive Greater Boston for everyone. Muralists, performers, teachers, builders, healers, gardeners, culinary artists, organizers, and more help to make public and private spaces magical and full of life. I especially felt compelled to illustrate this scene because of the ongoing violence against AAPI people around the country. As community-led art helps these spaces feel joyful, artists also have the insights and critical thinking skills to call for policy changes that help cities become truly inclusive and safe.

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