Utile makes AIA 2030 Commitment

We are proud to announce that Utile has signed on to the AIA 2030 Commitment. In doing so, Utile has pledged to take concrete, incremental steps towards making our projects carbon neutral by the year 2030.

As a multidisciplinary firm comprising talented and committed architectural and planning professionals, we will collaborate to reach the 2030 energy reduction targets. We will work to integrate design measures, especially in early phases, that will reduce the energy consumption footprint of our buildings. These considerations range from siting and massing, to building envelope and materials, as well as mechanical, lighting, and renewable systems. We will track and report the predicted energy performance of every project in design. In addition, we will understand the operational energy use of our completed buildings, to see how they are progressing and how we can take away lessons from their performance.

As we embark on this long-term undertaking, we are excited to engage with our clients and collaborators towards advancing sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings and communities. We hope you’ll join us in the conversation as we envision the city of the future!