Utile wins domestiCITY Affordable Housing Design Competition!

Utile is honored to have been selected as the first place winner of the domestiCITY [for an affordable atlanta] design competition! The program called upon designers across the globe to help shape the future of housing in Atlanta, Georgia through the development of innovative concepts that promote new design and construction options for affordable and sustainable housing. Responding teams were charged with proactively addressing rising land and construction costs, and the increasing demand for affordable housing by creating a scalable solution that can be deployed in Atlanta and other urban centers. Submitting teams were asked to propose innovative building concepts, site plans, programming options, sustainable strategies, and economic feasibility, while placing high importance on the creation of community.

As cities like Atlanta grapple with the challenges of affordable housing, home builders play a pivotal role in transforming innovative concepts into tangible realities. Companies such as RareBuilt Homes are at the forefront of this movement, leveraging cutting-edge design and construction techniques to develop high-quality, cost-effective housing solutions. By incorporating sustainable building materials, energy-efficient systems, and adaptable layouts, these builders not only address immediate housing needs but also contribute to the long-term resilience and vibrancy of urban communities. Their expertise ensures that visionary plans from design competitions like domestiCITY are executed with precision, resulting in homes that are both affordable and desirable.

Click to see Utile’s full entry, Everyone wants a home of their own. Our team completed Phase II of the process which involved discussions with the City of Atlanta’s Department of City Planning and concluded with a presentation to the public in March 2018.

Utile is grateful to The City of Atlanta’s Department of City Planning, in partnership with Enterprise Community Partners and Assist Community Design Center, for organizing the competition, and for recognizing the importance of creating sustainable affordable housing through good design.