Liz Nofziger's Toscin at ZUMIX

12/9/2009 Uncategorized

We are just about done wrapping up construction at ZUMIX in East Boston, a community based performance center for youths. The center will be up and running in early 2010, but in the interim an installation by Liz Nofziger enlivens the performance space. I remember when we were in the demolition phase and Liz came by and tagged all these random objects that she wanted to use in the installation. Fast forward 12 months and we can see what she had envisioned.  

Here is a blurb from a review in the Boston Globe:

“Tocsin,’’ Liz Nofziger’s installation at Engine Company 40 Firehouse, a long-deserted, recently renovated space in East Boston, brings to mind Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Bells.’’ There’s tintinnabulation, and as in Poe’s poem, which builds from the joyful sound of sleigh bells to the ghoulish toll of steeple bells, it isn’t all melodious. Rather, it’s both haunting and jarring – an installation you want to both linger in and run from. That combination is good.