Puffin Parapet

4/1/2009 Uncategorized


Thanks to the tireless cool-hunting of Yale student Rachel Hsu, we were introduced to this pedestrian bridge proposal by Swedish architects visiondivision, designed for a bridge competition a few years ago. The proposal won second prize. As Sebastian J blogged in arch daily:

The site is located in a beautiful untouched forest with old leaf trees in a small rift with a stream at the bottom. This patch of forest lies between The Botanical Gardens and Sahlgrenska, the major hospital in Gothenburg. The bridge would appear as a white hovering line made in plexiglass that slightly reflects the beautiful landscape, which is carried by the tree pillars that disappears in the surrounding nature.

Most interesting is the parapet/bird house. One can imagine the vibrations and sounds emanating from the railing while leaning over to look at a Western European Hedgehog waddling through the forest.