Hyde-Blakemore Condominiums

The Hyde-Blakemore Condominiums is an affordable housing development with Urban Edge providing 13 units in three buildings along Hyde Park Avenue in Roslindale.  Two duplexes draw from the existing character of houses found in the immediate vicinity, along Hyde Park Avenue. At the intersection with Blakemore Street, a new three-story 9-unit residence finds its inspiration in similar precedents and vernacular motifs found elsewhere in the neighborhood.  The three ground-floor units in the larger building are accessible, and all units in all three buildings are Energy Star Rated.  Units in each of the duplexes take advantage of solar power through roof-mounted photovoltaic panels.  Carefully considered landscaping separates each building from its neighbor. These plantings address the desire for more greenery and privacy between buildings as well as environmental issues, managing stormwater run-off through grading and the use of bioswales.

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Hyde-Blakemore 08101604-3
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