Union Square Neighborhood Plan

Utile assisted the City of Somerville in the Somerville by Design neighborhood planning process for Union Square. The future extension of the Green Line to Union Square means that the area is poised to see significant growth in the next five years, with developers already planning for development on significant parcels near the station. With this in mind, the City of Somerville underweny an extensive community outreach and planning process to help frame the future growth of Union Square from the public realm design to development opportunities in Boynton Yards, a large industrial district adjacent to the square. This process buildsĀ upon the Somervision targets for growth in the City.

Union Square Public Realm Key PlanThe public realm plan for Union Square includes redesigned streets and intersections, often yielding new public spaces.

Union Square Somerville AveRedesigned intersection at Washington Street and Somerville Avenue.

Union Square CharetteUnion Square public charrette.

Union Square Boynton Yards 03

Union Square Boynton Yards 02The master plan for Boynton Yards creates a future job center, accompanied by new residential development and needed community open spaces.