Happy 50th Earth Day!

Today we’re celebrating the 50th Earth Day (though every day is Earth Day if you ask us), and now more than ever we are seeing how the decisions we make and the actions we take impact the environment.  

On this Earth Day, we’re proud to report that we’ve made significant progress in our AIA 2030 Commitment tracking. While the new construction and major renovation projects starting or ongoing in 2018 showed a 38% improvement over the AIA 2030 baseline, projects started in 2019 are up to a 63% average improvement. We still have work to do to hit our targets, but we’re accelerating toward Net Zero. Here are a couple of examples of how we’re getting there: integrated systems design at the Belmont Day School Barn, and in-house Passive House analysis on our affordable housing projects.  You can also take a look at our entire 2030 Commitment below!