Camp Becket-in-the-Berkshires

9/16/2009 Uncategorized

This past weekend, we attended a wedding at Camp Becket-in-the-Berkshires (the groom had been a counselor).  According to the lore, it was founded in 1903, and is the oldest continually operating summer camp in the States.  Although the setting is phenomenal, for me the buildings themselves held the greatest romance.  Both Gibson Hall—the bunking lodge and theatre where we slept—and the Library are classic Adirondack style, replete with birchbark columns and seasoned wood plank walls.

The camp teaches eight Becket Mottoes (printed in the green banners in the Gibson Hall photos):

> Do your best

> Play the game

> Manners make the man

> Peace through understanding

> I can and I will

> Each for all—all for each

> Better faithful than famous

> Help the other fellow

My personal favorite is “better faithful than famous”… not that I agree.  But the strangest part: Duke found a photo of his Dad on the wall of Gibson Hall, counselor in 1943 and ’44.  He’s furthest on the right, in front, supplementing his biceps with a little cross-arm action.