FAT Heraldry

1/13/2010 Uncategorized


Quoting from Aude Jomini’s text describing her first project for her Spring 2010 Yale studio – taught by FAT from London:

This drawing uses the heraldic identities of a cluster of towns in the Nyon district of the Vaud canton in Switzerland as starting point.  The heraldic crests are scaled in relation to each other according to population size and placed to index their actual geographic positions on a planimetric map.  Because of the growth of small swiss towns over time, large regional agglomerations have begun to form; the original feudal entities becoming less distinct. This is expressed through the interweaving and joining of the crests as well as through their partial figural breakdown.



And to give you a sense of what her classmates are up to, I particularly enjoyed the description for this study by Adam Tomski:

I wanted to explore heraldic property of attitude, which (as far as I know) means the posture of an animal or person and whatever symbolic value it lends. In the left three columns, I’m trying to figure out what constitutes a “rampant boar”. (After a long description) I think in column 4, row 3, the rope-boar is still rampant. At the very least he is pissed off and going after something.


And this nicely executed but more earnest design by Christine Chang,

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