PS1: On the Ropes

6/16/2011 Uncategorized

Interboro’s PS1 win is a great story (we LOVE Interboro) – but perhaps the death of a certain kind of PS1 installation because the rope above maybe doesn’t even really matter. The real impact (and innovation) of their installation happens at the ground plane, where a series of highly-charged social spaces have been created based on process that sought thoughtful feedback from the community. 

Whether the web-like structure matters (or not) will need to be evaluated at night (another Utile field trip!) when the courtyard functions as an amazing kind of public space.  In this case, the lighting design will be almost everything. 

String Tunnel, a similar installation at MIT created by Yuna Kim, Kelly Shaw, and Travis Williams for the MIT FAST arts festival, was successful precisely because it was so spidery-ephemeral. Not sure if PS1 party-goers will be in the same hyper-attentive mode as the crowd that moved through the MIT Courts last month.