Utile Institute

1/7/2009 Uncategorized


I haven’t found the right template for the Institute yet, but here are the two examples we batted around last night:

Eisenman + Gandelsonas’ baby, the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies / NY had a good run – 1967-84 – and they managed to attract the coolest designers and thinkers in NY (read: their friends) to teach at their non-accredited think tank.  Very theoretical, heady stuff.  Probably fun, probably not that lucrative (if we’re being crass about it).

Urban Design London is much more municipally-linked than I first realized; it’s basically funded by the City (plus the tuitions they bring in).  I like the fact that it is highly practical, and that the master classes are a mix of some standard fare with some pet themes suggested by the instructors. 

I’ll keep thinking about it.