MBTA Bus Priority Toolkit

Utile supported Nelson\Nygaard and the consultant team through the development of illustrations of key bus priority treatments as well as the concepts and processes readers must understand to be able to successfully implement bus priority projects in the Boston metro area. 

Utile began the process by working closely with the client and consultant team to develop a graphic style that was consistent with the agency’s brand – both visually and from a mission perspective. The graphic design and illustrative style were designed to be people-centric, colorful, intuitive, modern, and relatable.

Each bus priority treatment illustration was developed collaboratively with the full consultant and client team to “draw through” typical challenges encountered in Boston metro area communities. The final illustrations give clear and specific guidance on the benefits, challenges, complementary treatments and implementation considerations. 

In addition to providing pragmatic, useful guidance for project implementation, the toolkit also is designed to support advocacy and education.

05_Bus Lane Treatments
04_Transit Signal Priority Treatments
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02_Transit Travel Time & Reliability Challenges
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