Publication Design

Utile’s team of graphic designers work closely with architects and planners to design project reports and publications. These documents may be summaries of a project’s worth of presentations and key takeaways, or they may be standalone records that accompany other project closeout materials. For projects with existing graphic standards and guidelines such as Envision Cambridge and Vision Haverhill 2035, the final report acts as an extension of the projects’ brand identity. Other times, as with Boston Complete Streets and Go Boston 2030, the project publication is an opportunity for Utile to develop a brand identity from scratch.

Our process begins by collecting the graphics and text generated during a project timeline; this includes slides formatted to be projected at a large scale and seen from afar and presentation boards dense with information that require up-close examination. Next we carefully curate and reformat the crucial pieces of information into a layout that will fit comfortably on a printed page. After cataloging the existing project material, Utile will add explanatory text to help inform readers without prior knowledge of the project. Lastly, Utile will distill the data public feedback collected during the project into custom infographics to add to report. Copies of reports can be easily accessed online. Additionally, Utile can create physical copies of publications that can be printed in batches or made to order on-demand.

01 Publication Covers
02 Complete Streets 01
03 Complete Streets 02
04 Complete Streets 03
05 Complete Streets 04
06 Go Boston 01
07 Go Boston 02
08 Go Boston 03
09 Tactical Public Realm Guidelines 01
10 Tactical Public Realm Guidelines 02
11 Tactical Public Realm Guidelines 03