Sycamore on Main

Utile worked with non-profit developer NeighborWorks Housing Solutions to revitalize 121 Main Street in Brockton, MA, the site of the previously demolished Kresge Five & Dime building. Sycamore on Main includes 48 mixed-income rental units, a below-grade parking garage, and ground floor commercial space. The building embraces the opportunity to infill a longstanding “missing tooth” along Brockton’s important Main Street corridor with a robust, contextually-appropriate building. A brick volume acknowledges the Main Street context through the use of traditional materials, storefront, and active ground floor uses, while the wing along Frederick Douglass Avenue provides a contemporary counterpoint in a scale and massing that complements the neighborhood. The site is conveniently located a few blocks from a Commuter Rail transit station.

Brockton 121 Main Street