United South End Settlements Rutland Street Renovation

The rehabilitation of the United South End Settlements campus at 36-48 Rutland Street in Boston consists of two properties that are both in the South End National Register District: 48 Rutland Street, which originally functioned as an orphanage and was historically known as the Boston Children’s Friend Society Building and 36 Rutland Street, historically known as the Children’s Art Centre used as an educational facility for area children.

There, an 1848 Federal structure that has long been a home for USES’s staff and services is being refurbished while a new structure is being built adjacent to and around it to facilitate the consolidation and expansion of the programs that USES offers.

Embracing the historic structure’s dark brick, window rhythms, cornice lines, and overall proportions in the new building ensures that it is distinct from yet equally as beautiful as the older building and fits appropriately into the neighborhood and its architectural context.

2019-09-23 Rutland Street - Looking West
2019-09-23 Rutland Street - Main Entrance
2019-09-23 Rutland Street - Looking East
2019-09-23 USES Section Perspective_small
Courtyard - Looking West