Utile celebrates Women’s History Month with logo painting from Laura Menucci

March is Women’s History Month! As part of our ongoing JEDI initiative, we continue to engage talented local artists to reimagine Utile’s logo for commemorative observance months throughout the year. We’re excited to present the interpretation of local artist and art therapist Laura Menucci, whose acrylic on wood features a plane propeller to symbolize “how women have, and continue to, propel forward” in a color palette inspired by the history of women’s suffrage protests and demonstrations. Thank you Laura for your beautiful work!

About The Art

To propel is to drive, push, and cause a forward motion, something that women have done and continue to do. The shape and structure of a plane propeller were incorporated into the logo design to symbolize how women have, and continue to, propel forward.

The color palette of purples, greens, and white have been associated with celebrating women since the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) used these colors as a visual symbol to communicate their message in protests and demonstrations for women’s suffrage. Each color holds a different meaning: PURPLE, the color of International Women’s Day to signify loyalty, justice, and dignity; GREEN, to signify hope and growth; and WHITE to represent moral virtue. 

About the Artist

As an artist and art therapist, I am deeply curious about the human instinct to make art as a way to communicate and understand experiences. The core of my work has always been to enrich the lives of others through the creation and experience of art. I believe that extraordinary things happen when we are in a creative space making, viewing, thinking, and connecting. I am fascinated by how the creative process functions as a transformative space where we can explore, discover, and heal.

As a painter and mixed media artist, my work investigates connections. I am specifically interested in intersections, interconnectedness, and synchronicities; how we feel them, when we notice them, and the impact they have on both a conscious and unconscious level. My work attempts to explore and celebrate the parts that make up a greater whole or totality of experience. I work with layering colors and shapes to emphasize intersections and alignment. My desire is to create a pause, a time to consider our connectedness, and to draw meaning from moments that often are overlooked.