Grab the Donut by the Horns

6/22/2011 Uncategorized


White board sketch courtesy of Utile, Inc.

Born out of my propensity for mixed metaphors (mostly for humor/seldom by accident!), the use of the word “donut” at Utile to mean “your personal responsibility requiring full follow-through”, and my fascination with the history of the croissant – a donut with convenient handles (and a provocative new shape) was born.  

Think of the convenience – especially when seasonal frosted donuts are marketed – and the open-ended play during morning meetings (“Let’s ask Yoda?”, etc., etc.).  BTW – Utile owns the copyright to this concept plus the tag line “Grab your Donut by the Horns”, “Grab the Donut by the Horns”, and “Horny Donut”.  Operators are standing by.