Scribing at TEDxBoston

7/13/2011 Uncategorized


At the recent TEDxBoston event, one of the organizers/sponsors was a group called Collective Next, which specializes in “applied collaboration.” After each speaker presented, a Collective Next team member would do a white board sketch summing up the main ideas. (Below, see their sketch of Tim’s talk about the Harbor Islands Pavilion process.)

 This type of graphic facilitation could be an effective method of summing up the ideas during the planning and design process. We do a “lite” version of it ourselves, scribbling on white boards, over existing maps and photos, and charting out decisions trees during meetings. The Collective Next graphics are a great model of easy-to-understand drawings that tell a story.

Click here to see the drawings Collective Next produced at TEDxBoston 2010.

–  Meera