Malaysia Vision Valley

Utile, working with the Boston Design Group, over,under and Klopfer Martin Design Group, developed a conceptual master plan for the Malaysia Vision Valley in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The current master plan has identified key proposed pieces of infrastructure, such as high speed railways and highways, and is conceived as the next phase of growth for the greater Kuala Lumpur area. Of the 267,000 acres in the study area, 27,000 are specifically available for development and will be the primary focus of this effort. The Master Plan and Visioning effort will further analyze the larger infrastructure moves, and also zoom in to selected locations to discern the desired density and character of each district.

Recent presentations and approvals of the various planning efforts, including the Unified Comprehensive Plan and Master Comprehensive Plan reports were made to the Prime Minister and his Steering Committee


16-08-23_Framework Plan_Parcel B
16-08-23_Final_MVV_Composite Plan
16-08-23_Final_MVV_Composite Plan
16-08-23_Context_Parcel A