The Boston Conservatory Master Plan

The Boston Conservatory is the oldest performing arts conservatory in the country, located in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Utile partnered with Handel Architects on this master plan for the school after working together on the design and construction of the New Studio Building at 132 Ipswich Street. There were multiple goals of the study: to assess the condition and use of owned and leased properties scattered throughout the Fenway; to identify programmatic space deficiencies and provide the space needed to accommodate current needs and future growth; to study options for improved student housing; and to guide best investments in owned properties and eliminate expenditures on leased properties.

The proposed plan unifies the campus around two distinct centers: one on the historic campus at 8 The Fenway, and another contemporary campus on Ipswich Street, adjacent to Fenway Park and the Massachusetts Turnpike. This is accomplished through three building projects: an expansion of 8 Fenway, a gut renovation of 24-26 Fenway, and a new high rise dormitory and classroom building connected to 132 Ipswich Street. With these three projects, the school could accommodate all programmatic needs and eliminate all reliance on leased properties. An aggressive phasing with a 2017 completion date carefully timed construction projects with the sale of existing buildings that could fund construction projects.

Boston Conservatory Leased Sites
Boston Conservatory 8 Fenway
Boston Conservatory Massing
Boston Conservatory 181 Mass Ave