Utility at PROVA! Utility at PROVA!

Reflections on the translation from drawing to reality of our concept sketch for the PROVA! beer garden in downtown Brockton.

Lessons from a 1924 Town Plan Lessons from a 1924 Town Plan

Tim’s observations from working with the Town of Weston, MA on improvements to its historic Town Center, which includes streetscape design, pedestrian safety, traffic, utility infrastructure, and parking.

Urbanism Starter Kit: Market-driven Prototypes Urbanism Starter Kit: Market-driven Prototypes

With funding from Yale University, Utile developed nine market-driven building types as a kit-of-parts to inform the graduate urbanism studio, a course that Tim Love coordinated and taught in 2009. These buildings were conceived to allow for more informed early-phase testing of urban design proposals for Beacon Yards, a 77-acre tract of land acquired by Harvard University for real estate development adjacent to its planned science campus. The building types, conceived parametrically with embedded data, not only allowed for the rapid prototyping of physical proposals, but also a detailed understanding of the density, program mix, demographics, and parking requirements of each of the development scenarios.

Between Mission Statement and Parametric Model Between Mission Statement and Parametric Model

“Since the late 1990s the generative capabilities of parametric modeling, or digital scripting, programs have come to dominate design discourse at schools like Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia, largely due to the increasing influence and leadership of mid-career professors and practitioners such as Greg Lynn, Preston Scott Cohen and Monica Ponce de Leon.”